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A product designer with 2 years of experience in B2B and B2C software. I graduated from NIFT, Patna, passionate about transforming user experiences

I enjoy understanding how people think and act, using research to create products and experiences that solve both user and business challenges. My approach is hands-on, teamwork-oriented and always eager to learn new technology

Farming on a large scale with "Enterprise Fasal"

Agri-Tech Software - Product Design Case Study

Designed "Enterprise Fasal" is a horticulture farming solution for large scale Organizations is mainly oriented towards precise data driven farming decisions to maximize crop yield and enhance the quality of crops at scale.

Fasal Club : A place for farmers to meet, share, and stay updated."

Agri-Tech Software - Product Design Case Study

Designed Fasal Club is a friendly app for farmers, offering the latest farming news and a space to learn and share thoughts with fellow enthusiasts. It's also great for getting help with plant problems

Created a "feature announcement feature " to boost product adoption.

Feature Announcement - Design Case Study

The purpose of creating the announcement feature was to increase product adoption rates, reengage inactive users, reduce user frustration and help users stay informed about our updates.

Coach Vikram : A tanning platform for business executive leaders

Training Application - Product Design

This application is a digital learning platform that takes leaders on an ongoing journey over hundred day if the participated in executive training programs

Animation in Experience Design

Exploring motion of possible case scenario which use in daily basis

Adding motion to a design enhance user experience and makes product feel more human, rather than just a lifeless machine. Motion tells story, it is user guide for every action and screen transition it tells a story that needs to follow and also provide visual feedback to prevent confusion


Besides UI/UX, I enjoy diving into graphics like banners, illustrations, icons, and more. This not only boosts my creativity and keeps me up-to-date with design trends but also makes my UI/UX work look visually attractive.

Design Blog

I love to share my thoughts ideas, concepts with others. When I dig deep into a topic, it not only helps me learn more but also improves my research, critical thinking, and analyzing skills.


I'm glad to include the thoughts of people I've worked with It's interesting to think about how they perceive my contributions and collaboration.

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